Contraceptive Study

A qualitative study conducted for IPSOS to assess the acceptability of contraceptive methods, opportunities and potential for NOVEL CONTRACEPTIVE PRODUCTS (On-Demand Contraception Methods and Non On-Demand Contraception Methods) among women in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

The study conducted in two phases which are interconnected. The first phase consists of doing pilot survey upon male partners of women, women, hcw’s and pharmacists where the second phase consists of surveying only women, hcw’s and pharmacists.

The pilot survey with 20 respondents was held at a central venue where respondents were invited based on few screening criteria such as SEC, Age, etc. The main study was conducted over different points of Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal, Rajshahi with a diversified sample size of 1700 including women, hcw’s, pharmacists.


Below are the photographs of above mentioned project…



DHL Packet Pricing Study – CAWI

An interview sample conducted via CAWI method The study conducted among 300 users of DHL and its competitors to understand their level of satisfaction and to develop a price conjoint scenario for them under the supervision of lead agency TNS India.


Motorola CSR Study – CAWI

An online interview conducted at a central location via CAWI methods at Dhaka and Chittagong to acquire insight about the users of its own as well as other brands to determine scope of Business.


Below are the photographs of above mentioned project…


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