FGD and DI

PHYSICIAN STUDY – Specialist Doctors

An In depth interview conducted for evaluating the performance of sales force working in different pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh.


Doctor’s Study

A doctor’s study conducted through several Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Depth Interview (DI) with reputed doctors (pediatrician and general practitioners) on cholera vaccine under the lead agency Net Reactions for Sanofi. The study emphasized on launching a cholera vaccine based on the understanding of status and treatment procedure.


Health Study – ASTHMA

A study conducted with doctors, pharmacists and patients of Asthma to understand the actual position and status of Asthma as a condition in Bangladesh; also to understand how asthma is treated in Bangladesh along with estimate of the current ‘reach’ of asthma drugs in each city.

Conducted Qualitative & quantitative research with a diversified sample and methods like  1500 [HH] general people, 300 [Booster] asthma sufferers, 60 [audit / observation] Pharmacists, 20 GP and Nurse [semi structured questionnaire] and 05 [Qualitative] In depth with specialized doctors.

The study was conducted for GSK and assigned to MRS by Synovate Health, UK.

Below are the photographs of above mentioned projects…


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