Other Important Projects

British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB)

Gold leaf Caravan Road Show

It was organized in 2003, 2004, 2005 by Gold leaf; a premium brand of British American Tobacco Bangladesh. Such concept of caravan road show was organized for the first time in Bangladesh. The interior of the caravan was decorated like the deck of the John Player Ship. 6 such caravans conducted gold leaf’s campaign nationwide. Inside the van participants were shown informative video about the brand and the sea voyage along with interactive games.

Based on the outcome of the pilot event on 2003, ctMRS was given the responsibility to continue the campaign for the next two years.


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Bio diversity week

An internal program for the staffs of BATB where a replica map of Bangladesh was built categorized in relation to the natural resource and forestry. The participants were then provided information about different zones and their most important resources.


Star Closed Door Event

“Star Closed Door Event” was conducted in 2008, 2009, 2010 by STAR, a brand of BATB, to its franchisees and potential consumers. The program was organized in closed door halls /rooms of venues in all 64 districts with invited consumers. The program was a journey of various enjoyable interactive games to entertain its franchisees and potential consumers.


RobiAxiata Limited

Robi Baishakhi Utsob

Boishakhi Utsob was organized in 64 districts of the country at a time by robi. All these melas were colorfully decorated by Robi. Face art was an attraction .Art competition, different games like hadudu, musical chair was organized.


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Robindra Joyontee

A cultural festival organized on the memory of legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore on his 150th birthday at “Kuthi Bari”.

The theme of the festival was Rabindranath, his life & his creations. ctMRS EVENTS was organized it with affiliation of Robi and Cultural ministry of Bangladesh.


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Robi-infinite Brand Ambassador Campus Campaign

ctMRS starts to conduct the campaign on September, 2014 and now the campaign is successively running in 120 colleges and universities all over Bangladesh. Over 600 students, five in each institutions including one team leader, who are identified as brand Ambassador are the part of the campaign and their responsibility is to promote the brand and to make other students aware of the recent offers of Robi in their break time of that educational institutions.

ctMRS Events is solely responsible to select, recruit, train-up and communicate with all the brand ambassadors and thus maintain the liaison between the Robi and the students. To monitor and run the campaign successfully ctMRS has divided the institutions into eleven regions, each one is headed with one regional coordinator and again all the activities done by the regional coordinator are carefully supervised, monitored and controlled by one central coordinator.


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Robi MFU

ctMRS Events has started Robi MFU Campaign on November, 2014 in Comilla, Noakhali, Chittagong South and Chittagong North,the major four regions of Robi. The objective of the campaign is to create brand awareness and positive mind-set regarding the brand among the prospects. Four branded caravans are used to conduct the whole campaign.

The preparatory activities of the campaign is done by the advanced team which includes, permission seeking from the respective authority, appropriate site selection etc. to run the campaign successfully. On the other hand, the execution teams are responsible to carry out the other activities for the campaign, includes, let people know about the recent offer & other campaigns, SIM sell, maintain the proper documentation and so on.


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Van Activation:

An activation program launched throughout Bangladesh by Samsung in 64 districts at the same time offering people to experience the features of their newly launched mobile phones and acquire knowledge about various other mobile phones of Samsung. The program was ended with a wonderful musical fest performed by the local singers and spread joy among the customers.


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Mall/ Market Activation:

On behalf of Samsung, an activation program was carried out to the different malls and markets throughout the Bangladesh to give the prospects a first-hand experience about the features of newly launched mobile phones and acquire knowledge about various other mobile phones of Samsung.


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Campus Activation:

We have conducted van activation program throughout Bangladesh, in 64 districts for Samsung Mobile. In the activation program we offered people to experience the features of their newly launched mobile phones and facilitated prospective users to acquire knowledge about various other mobile phones of Samsung. The program ended with a wonderful musical fest performed by the local singers which spread joy among the customers.

Other than the 64 districts this activation program was also conducted in various prestigious shopping malls in major divisional cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, and Khulna etc. as well as in various universities in Bangladesh to provide experience of the newly launched phone and its features to the youth of the society. The Campaign was highly acknowledged and appreciated by client and the general people.


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Family Day

A Family day out was organized for the staffs and their families of Lafarge. To make the day enjoyable various games for male, females, couples were arranged there. A kids’ zone was set up for kids to give them some quality time


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Launching Ceremony of Journalism & Photography Contest:

A contest organized by UNDP for all the photo journalists of the country. Photo-journalists from all over the country came to Dhaka to join this launching ceremony of this contest.

GlaxoSmithKline, Bangladesh

Horlicks Future Force

With the slogan of ‘Haarte Maana’ the reality TV show Horlicks Future Forces was organized on 2009 and that ran for three months with 200 young boys and girls. Contestants between 10 to 14 years of age were eligible to participate in the competition.

The objective is to bring forth the physically and mentally strong young stars of the country. The contestants had to go through a challenging combination of mental and physical tasks.


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Launching Ceremony

The launching ceremony of Okapia Mobile was another exposure of ctMRS’s excellent execution. The launching was held across 33 districts at the same time. The preparation of the event was the major concern in this case were confirming functionality of 33 events at the same second across Bangladesh. But with crucial mix of technology and expertise ctMRS successfully conducted the event using Radio link to ensure the launching at the same “tick of clock”.


Mobile Billboard

Following the Launching Ceremony, 6 vehicles were branded in the shape of Mobile Phone to build awareness about the new Mobile brand “Okapia”. The mobile billboard were active in Dhaka city for 2 months building hype and brand awareness.


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Mobile Cyber Cafe

The concept of Digital Marketing has been brought into concept for years now and ctMRS has been successfully undertaking a yearlong “Mobile Cyber cafe” campaign reinforcing technological development among the youths of Bangladesh for Okapia Mobiile. A Branded Van with the look of Cyber cafe has been travelling across the country at various Public Universities, Colleges and Hang-out spots of youths to serve the purpose and cope up with the Global trend of “Internet and its usage”.


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