Product & Concept Test

Anoushka Bangladesh –Fragrance test of Soap

A quantitative study conducted for product test on behalf of Ipsos for Unilever’s LUX – sandal soap among 1000 (500 per panel) respondents. The objective of the study was to evaluate the winning fragrance from the test options in fieldwork. The fragrance was tested through five types of product placement with tenure of 7 days for observation.


Venus – Product Test Paste

A quantitative study conducted for product improvement on behalf of Ipsos India for Unilever on Close-Up among 450 (150 per panel) respondents .The objective of the study was to conduct a ‘Concept Cued Product test’ in Dhaka to test different options. There was 45 starting points in a city and 12 placements around each starting points. The products were tested by each respondent with tenure of 14 days.


Home Visit for Sniff Test

A qualitative study conducted on behalf of Symrise Scent & Care for Unilever to analyse the consumers’ opinion/feedback on their test fragrances of the wheel bar soap versus the benchmark. Respondents belonging to different socio-economic group were covered under this sniff test to cover large target group and understand the preferences among the different set of respondents. All the interviews in sniff test of product and post wash sniff test were arranged in respondents’ place to understand the actual lifestyle, washing habit and laundry environment of respondents.


Below are the photographs of above mentioned projects…


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