Gift and Stationary Items

To serve the need of our client’s branding and promotional purpose we have developed proficiency in designing and producing of brand items abiding with the exact specifications.  Our expertise in procurement of stationary from abroad is one of our main strengths to enlighten our clients with exotic and unique items.



Green Umbrella Distribution among H&F officers in all 465 Thanas of Bangladesh

A campaign conducted under the initiative of BCCP and ministry of Health and family planning by ctMRS nationwide. The campaign distributed green umbrella (sign of health and family planning consultancy) to the field workers and the person in charge.


Providing Gift items for Robi

ctMRS has been performing as a trusted logistic support agency of Robi for a long time since when the company Aktel re-branded as the company Robi. In each of the major promotional activities of Robi is done by ctMRS Events and most of the logistical supports are provided by ctMRS Logistics includes, cap, t-shirt, id card, rubber seal etc.


Providing Gift items for BATB

On behalf of BATB, a number of programs were carried out and different types of logistical support were given to make each event a successful one. The gift items include gold coin, family gifts, children gifts etc.


Below are some of the photographs of gift and stationary items…


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